No doubt Lamb is my favorite healthiest meat, Ok I love me some pork but I eat lamb more frequently due to the flavor, the sustainability of lamb (not easy to raise sheep in a factory). Light, decadent, elegant, the best meat out there as long as you get good quality. Great source of vitamin B 12 which is almost never found in plants, protein of course, selenium, zinc and phosphorous, all in decent quantities.

leg of lamb chops

There are millions of recipes for lamb but since I love watching  am obsessed with Iron Chef America, I borrowed leaf from Iron Chef Symon, who has some Greek blood in him, so he knows how to handle lamb, a meat quite celebrated by the Greeks. So, on one episode he had his sous chef season the meat with sea salt and chilli flakes and he just grilled rare, the judges loved it.

  • For me I always season it for as long as 24 hours (another trick I learnt from Iron Chef Symon) so that the finger test for doneness salt and flavors permeate the meat fully…sea salt, freshly cracked black pepper and cayenne pepper, that’s it.
  • First you have to render off the fat, with some tongs, cook the thin fat side first because you don’t want to eat under-cooked fat plus cooking the lamb in it’s own fat improves the flavor. Then I seared it on the pan over medium heat with some coconut oil, since I don’t have a grill and lighting up my jiko for a single piece of meat can be hectic. Either way, you will get more color on the pan than on the grill so that’s a plus, since more color = more flavor.
  • For rare lamb cook it around 2 minutes on each side for rare doneness, 3 minutes on each side and use the finger rule
  • If you have to cook it well done, you can baste it with a tablespoon of butter to keep it slightly moist and juicy.
  • Serve with equatorial ugali afya, sauteed kale and guacamole (kachumbari + avocado, mashed together)