I was just watching this amazing nutritionist on KTN who immediately had my undivided attention after she insisted on drinking water after being offered milk off the set. The topic on anyone in the health community is how to eat sanely during this December and on this blog post I will show you my strategy for this year and what I have been doing over the years, which is basically more or less what she was talking about


She kept on yapping about this life-giving liquid and I love her for that. I mean, 3 minutes could not have passed without her mentioning water. First she said that it will help her with the interview, since she will be talking a lot and use more energy and of course don’t want to get dry mouthed and bad voice on national TV. Apart from that, she insisted on how water is great for digestion and what not, I was just impressed, many nutritionists don’t talk about this liquid which is about 75% of our body and hence quintessential for healthy living.

When she was asked about how to avoid bloating, food poisoning, and other ills that might arise from over indulgence, she said lemon-water. What I do everyday is drink some lemon juice, with some spring water, organic cayenne, spirulina and Himalayan/sea salt. It gives me energy to work out and set myself up for a great healthy day ūüôā


She also talked about salads which go very well with nyama choma on top of the kachumbari. I would recommend this kind of coleslaw which used greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise which has funny ingredients, preservatives, colors and also eggs. You can also make lettuce wraps with some grilled meats/fish and guacamole (kachumbari plus avocado) 

But since I am not that big on salads  I just put everything in a blender and make a smoothie, which is my typical breakfast during the holidays, before the sausages come out, I am sure that I have some raw kale, walnuts and other fruits in my system already. My smoothies are actually very simple and utilize affordable ingredients like today I had kale, paw paw, banana, green apples, cayenne pepper and spring water in my smoothie and I feel fantastic.


Portion Control

This is where many people get it wrong during this time of year, they go overboard. Remember that your stomach is about the size of your folded fist, not necessarily the same size of food you put it in there right?

The nutritionist also said something like this, she said that the size of the protein should be almost the surface area of your spread palm, veggies should be double that, with a little bit of starch.

What I also found important was that she advised people to go to these parties while they have already eaten their three meals, assuming it is at night or at least 2 healthy square meals before you light that barbecue grill. This ensures that you don’t over eat the delicious nyama choma but still enjoy it.

The same goes for alcohol, if you go beyond the 1 glass of red wine that is recommended, there is absolutely no way to avoid a hang over (and gain weight). trust me, when I was drinking I looked all over for superfoods that could cure my hang overs, the only thing that worked was actually quitting alcohol, my life has never been better, just sayin. Enjoy the holidays people, and watch out for great delicious festive recipes