I love pizza, when growing up, my friend’s dad used to work at Serena and often brought us them Salami pizza, amazing it was. Fast forward to 2014, I am eating more healthy stuff but once in a while I like to indulge in a bit of junk food, then I bought pizza from a well-renowned pizza chain and have it at home with some juice, immediately I fall asleep, assuming a sugar crash from the gluten, sugar and junk in the crust. After a few hours, I wake up, feeling very crappy and tired, and I vow, never to eat pizza again. I was also very pissed at them because they told me to wait 10 minutes but it actually took around 35 minutes. You know which pizza chain I am talking about.

So last week I was looking for some healthy food online and on the health segment of Hellofood Kenya and I stumbled upon Naked Pizza who were bragging about how their pizza does not cause the ‘post-pizza remorse’ at least by 90%, which sounded great given my previous experience with pizza.

Their main selling point is that they have added other healthy grains to the crust, stuff like quinoa, brown rice, spelt, tapica, buckwheat, teff << music to my ears

naked pizza

I decided to order it today  and here is my review

  • Overall Taste – Great, not as good as normal pizza but still it tastes really good.
  • Product – A good variety of healthy pizzas and other dishes like gourmet salads
  • Crust – I ordered a thick crust which was crunchy and nice though I would recommend the thin crust.
  • Price – Reasonably priced, Small is Ksh 650 plus a delivery fee of 100. Large is Ksh 1000
  • Customer care – Bad, impossible to order online (too many steps) and they waste time trying to put details into the system
  • Delivery – Very efficient, in time and very clean and tidy motorcycle driver


One houre after eating a whole small omnivore pizza, I am still feeling great and energetic, I will definitely be ordering that pizza quite often :-). They get my thumbs up

a naked pizza slice