Coconut milk is awesome in smoothies, Asian (Mostly Thai) recipes, tea and, it is super easy to make at home, ensuring you are using just coconut milk because store-bought coconut milk obviously has preservatives, binders, filler, sweeteners and other stuff that you might not want to be consuming.

All you need is a mbuzi, which you can get at nakumatt or online . The best coconuts are usually the smaller ones which are also sweeter naturally

First you make a hole in ‘the eyes’ of the coconut, using a pestle and screw driver, then collect that precious coconut water in your blender.

Using the blunt side of a large knife/cleaver/panga, hit along the circumference of the coconut, middle seection of course and it will open, like after the 3rd or 4th hit.

Scrub the coconut and then blend that together with the coconut water and a little bit more water to have a 1:1 ratio of coconut flakes to liquid, increase the coconut flesh content if you want to make coconut cream, it is that easy.

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Strain with a clean cloth and use in recipe, I used it to make fresh Indian Chai Tea, good stuff