I always have trouble entering any club, hata kama age limit ni 18 hehe Ok, I don’t blame the bouncers, I mean, when you see young blood like me, you will obviously think I am underage…one of the perks of healthy living, you just don’t age, I look almost the same in pictures from 6, even 8 years ago. My anti-ageing secret is drinking plenty of water, walking a lot on top of the exercise I do in the morning and evening and also coconut oil. Eat plenty of fresh leafy greens, who am I kidding, eat plenty of kale and fresh fruits, nuts, beans, seeds.
I also avoid sugar like the plague, no tea (only green and herbal teas), no coffee, no milk, very little cheese. I eat loads of high quality beef, which are mostly grass fed to get to high quality, free range chicken.

anti ageing foods
Picture taken just Yesterday 🙂

I never use any kind of commercial soap or lotion, I mostly use homemade aloe vera soap or coconut milk soap which I buy from Afro Belle Lotion Melts, also home made.

Juicing is also crucial to great skin and slow ageing. I love mixing pineapples, beetroot, watermelon, tree tomato and many other seasonal fruits for a tasty after-work out treat with maybe some homemade fermented bread or buckwheat-coconut gluten free cookies.

Smoothies are my everyday breakfast, because they are more versatile and easy to make and clean up. Kale and spring water MUST be in my smoothie, then I get seasonal fruits like plums, mangoes and bananas. Pineapples and watermelon also help to balance the smoothie taste, protein comes from almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds or sesame seeds, or avocado when in season.

Last but most important is I meditate and do yoga almost everyday which also help in reversing ageing effect.