I am such a foodie, I eat day and night and when I am not eating, I am cooking, when I am not cooking I am writing about food, when I am not writing about it, I am thinking about it, when I am not thinking about food, I am watching food-related media. You can see that my life revolves around a lot of food so what do I do to make sure I stay in shape and still enjoy all kinds of foods?
Well, it is a lifestyle, not a single thing, it is the aggregate of what I do or not do in the long term.

Number 1

I drink plenty of spring water, the most important thing you can start doing now. Filtered water is also nice, rain water etc good quality goes a long way in weight management…keeps food cravings at bay and also boost metabolism hence my body burns more fat efficiently.

Number 2

Ever since I embarked on Raw Foods journey, I have been more energetic, more focused and more healthier, I have resisted the cold twice, as in I was feeling it coming from afar but the smoothies and juices kept me strong and resilient, no cold actually got to me, for the last 5 months or so. When you load yourself with raw nutrition, you can easily cheat with some junk food here and there but still not gain weight.

I also consume plenty of wholegrain like brown rice, amaranth ugali, brown rice, barley, quinoa which all aid in the weight management issue. Not to forget the beans, nuts, seeds and peas with a little high quality beef, kienyeji chicken etc.

Number 3

Yoga and meditation are the best ways to have full control of your actions, this is crucial if you have a fridge full of burger patties, lamb and produce because it is so easy to over-eat. With mindfulness, I am in control, if I say I only need a bar of dark chocolate per week, it is that, note that I love my organic dark chocolate which is actually good for you, loaded with antioxidants and minerals which keep me satiated especially after dinner – you do not want to be eating stuff before sleep, it is easily converted into pot belly.

Number 4

Walking is my primary work out because it is almost free, you experience the outdoors and nature plus it is a low impact exercise meaning little stress on my limbs, running used to cause me so many injuries. Another reason why I love it is because I can do it anytime and I do not need to be wearing my sweats or kicks, I can just walk it out anywhere I feel like it.