The best way to add flavor to a dish without many calories is using fresh herbs. Yes we can get them from the grocery store or farmer’s market, but nothing beats super fresh herbs just picked before going into the dish. My favorite herb is mint due to it’s robustness and bold flavor but I also love thyme, lemongrass and rosemary that I love using in my bath water to infuse the aromas and natural oils into the water and directly into my system.

Today I will show you how you can grow your own mint in a container and it does not need a lot of time or money to start off, in fact I used recycled plastics and free sol I got from a place where they were constructing a road.


First you can use fresh mint from the grocer and take the leaves off the leaves leaving the top ones. Where the leaves were is where the roots will emerge. Then you put it in a glass with some water and just let it be – changing the water everyday. Mint will start producing roots in 2-3 days and on the 5th day it will be ready for transplanting into some soil.


I fertilize the soil naturally of course with some stinging nettle powder, used herbal/green tea bags and quail manure. Chicken manure can also work but quail is superb.

Make sure to water it at least once a day, if not twice, just a little water, not too much and fertilize at least twice a month with manure and nettle. Make sure it gets some sunlight but not during the hot hours of the day. When it is hot I like to cover it with some cardboard just there on the balcony then I remove it when I am going to get my own dosage of vitamin D at around 5 pm, in fact I notice they grow really well under the shade which creates more warmth, farming is a science and an art.

how to grow mint in a container