So, about 6 months ago, this PYT moved in next door, looking good, young and fresh from high school hehe, flat tummy and all. Since her kitchen window is very next to my door, I can basically tell what she normally cooks and it has not been healthy.

Right now she just had some eggs, I am guessing not kienyeji and we also keep our trash at the same place so I have an idea of how she gained a lot of weight right in front of my eyes.

Processed Food

This is obvious but many people overlook it. Number 1 culprit is white innocent-looking rice. It is basically starch with little or no nutrients at all, meaning that it hurriedly gets converted into belly fat. My neighbor looooooves her white rice. I smell it almost every time she is cooking.
If you want to lose weight, lose the unhealthy carbs like white rice, spaghetti, packet ugali, refined wheat flour or all purpose flour, just lose that and lose the pounds as well.
You can substitute with brown rice, wholegrain wheat flour, wholegrain pasta, quinoa, pearl barley, wholegrain ugali, amaranth, finger millet…there are so many healthy carbs out there that are nutrient dense meaning they slow down digestion and do not get converted into belly fat.
Also lose the soda, pizza (she likes pizza too) packet juices, basically anything that comes in packaging, be very wary of it and do your research, read labels. There is no moderation with some stuff, especially soda.


It usually surprises me how most people do not eat vegetables, yet everyone knows that they are the healthiest foods on this planet. I have never been hit with the aroma of sauteing greens from my neighbors kitchen, in fact the most prevalent aroma is that of deep fried foods. kwanza when she has a guy over, I always smell some fries hehe.

I have never seen any fresh stuff in her trash, you know stuff that rots, nope. Her trash is always clean and full of boxes, empty alcohol bottles and packets, not kale ribs nor onion pieces.

Haha now I know I sound like a phycho stalker but I am just observant and very analytical. Just hope she does not get to read this 😉


To the best of my knowledge, my neighbor never exercises. You would never catch her in yoga pants or even sweat pants. This is also very simple. If you do not burn the calories that you are taking it, you end up with a net excess of calories which the body converts into fat. Simple mathematics

I am not talking about insanity, just a simple walk in the hood, a few sit ups and planks for the abs and some yoga for strength, balance and stress-reduction.

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