Yes I know, this might sound extreme and uncormfortable but you should also know that good things don’t come easy. One of the healthiest things you can do is to take a cold shower or bath. I have been doing this for almost the last 6 months and the results are amazing. I feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING everytime I clean myself with cold water and it also helps me save a lot of cash in energy money, have you ever looked at the digital meter when someone is showering???


When my hot shower was working, I used to feel very tired after a using it, eventhough I worked out and ate something very healthy.This I had read about in many articles, about how chlorinated water is very bad for you but I was not too keen, until my shower broke and I decided to go cold.

In fact I remember reading that the chlorine, heavy metals and other toxic compounds enter your system via the skin even faster than ingesting the treated water which made sense to me and slowly I adapted myself to great cols showers and baths, with the occasional hot bath once in a while, I will leave you with this inforgraphic about the health benefits of cold showers 

health benefits of cold showers