Heat is the best way to add flavor and character to your dish. There are many wasy to get the heat on but fresh green and red chilli peppers are the best, as long as you remove like 80% of the seeds, it won’t be too spicy. I love fresh jalapenos and bullet peppers, not to mention the scotch bonnets and habanero peppers which are two different things but often confused as one.

Then there is dried chilli powder, cayenne pepper (one of my favorite spices), and black pepper.
On top of that you have your hot sauce, sriracha, chilli sauce which have their own complexities and can be used in a marinade, sauce or simply to top a sandwich or burger.

health benefits of peppers

Heat goes well with sweet as much as it rhymes too :). Try add some fresh jalapeno to your homemade BBQ sauce (which is naturally on the sweet side) or even on your teriyaki marinade, add some fresh chillies to give it some kick.

Heat goes well with fatty too, say an avocado sandwich will benefit a lot from a generous addition of cayenne pepper and some Himalayan salt.

Get Your heat on as most peppers contain capsaicin which helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar. It also helsp boost energy and that is why it is always present in my morning superfood cocktail of spirulina, cayenne pepper, fresh lemon juice, Himalayan salt and spring water.