It is a rather ludicrous and irrational to say that the devil can slip inside of you while doing yoga‬ or meditating. Come on, as in, do you know how the devil works? And that cannot happen when you are yawning? or have you ever seen someone good turn bad after doing a tree pose?? baseless, non-factual and non-scientific.

benefits of meditation
Do not be fooled people, yoga and meditation is healthy, very healthy, relaxing, lowers stress and despression, boosts immune system among many other benefits. I do this stuff everyday.I started doing yoga over 6 years ago and I can tell you that it has made me a better person in all ways. Physically, I used to get many injuries after my morning runs but after doing yoga consistently and meditating, I just don’t get those injuries anymore. I have also built more muscles while doing yoga, using body weight, gravity and desire, all the fancy equipment you need, as my teacher says.

I also used to have back problems due to bad posture while using computers but now that is history, my back never hurts and I feel great everyday, without any evil slipping inside of me. In fact it has made me more spiritual, more forgiving and just a more peaceful human being.

Stress? does not occur in my vocabulary because I do yoga and meditate everyday…yes exercise and unwinding does help too but nothing beats a great class of yoga. I used to get pissed off during power black outs as I work mostly online but after doing yoga consistently, that is a not the case anymore. I actually enjoy it as I get time to do other stuff like read a book, smoke some homemade bacon or visit mum.

beenfits of yoga - tree pose

When I lost my niece, yoga and meditation helped me a lot by keeping me strong and peaceful in a very trying time. That is why I really almost get annoyed (then I take a deep breath) when someone just says something bad about yoga and meditation without any evidence, no witnesses, just hearsay, not cool yo, chillax and breath.