Dry-Aged beef steak is one of my favorite things. There is nothing that tastes more beefy that it and it is very delicious. The ageing gives the enzymes in the meat ample time to break down the stuff into basically more delicious meat. There is even a compound that is similar to natural MSG that is a byproduct of the ageing, hence enhancing the flavor of the meat naturally.

Once you taste dry-aged steak you will never want fresh steaks again. The ageing also helps to tenderize the meat so you can even cook it well done and it will still be juicy and tasty although medium-rare is the gold standard for steak.

How to Age Beef At Home

First it starts with very high quality marbled beef steaks. Cheap stuff does not cut it. I like nakumatt and also someUSda steaks local medium-range butchers sometimes bring in some very marbled beef steaks.

This is how America grades their steaks. In our local butchers I usually see steaks that would be graded as Choice but once in a while I do see some very marbled steaks that look like the prime.

Always look for more marbling as possible



  • To age at home in your fridge is easy. All you need is bamboo skewers and a plastic container to suspend the steak so that it is well exposed to the air.
  • Then you put salt on the surface of the container making sure the salt does not touch the meat as it will affect the ageing process.
  • After 7 days, it will look a little dark but still smell fresh and the taste will be amazing.
  • Use this recipe to cook the steak and enjoy.

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