When I started my health journey, I did what most people seem to think is healthy. I Worked out more and gave up eating all the delicious stuff. Haha I even tried quitting meat but you know me, I am no quiter.Anyway, I did increase my beans, grains and legumes intake while lowering meat but I was not superhealthy. I still fell sick quite often (read cold), had teeth problems and I never felt good and amazing as I feel nowdays. I was always feeling tired of the extreme work outs and bored of the meatless food that I was going to eat.
Then I discovered mindbodygreen. An amazing wellness website that was thinking outside the box. Of course I was doing a little yoga and meditation for stretching after work outs but on this community, health experts were talking about making it the main work out and including other healthy stuff into your wellness routine. Stuff that is untraditional from most health experts but MBG had the science to back it up alongside real human testimonies.
Things like happiness, doing what you love, spending time with friends and family, spending time with a pet, increasing your orgasms (apparently you add like 8 – 20 years to your life by having around 300-500 orgasms a year). They focus a lot stress reduction, career fulfilment and even eating mindfully.



They also had a simpler approach to food, with many following the paleo or vegan diets according to tastes and preferences. In fact paleo diet is the most delicious diet and it is one of the healthiest when done correctly. It mostly focuses on what we have been eating for over 2 million years…fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs, spring water and so on.
But Paleo does not stop there, you also need to spend more time in the sun, like the cavemen did while hunting and what not. Walking, jogging, fresh air, being in nature all helps towards the health journey, making it smoother and much more fun.