On Saturday night I watched one of the best docomentaries ever on Discovery Science . It is called primal connections (there is even a book about it on Amazon) and it basically talked about the foundations of the fastest growing diet and lifestyles which is paleo….which is also the foundation of my healthy living principles.

In a nutshell, the doco was about how we started eating meat as a species, two million years ago when we had the technological leap of making hunting tools from stone. Naturally, we were hunter-gatherer for the last 2 million+ years but the agricultural age made us settle down and our diets and lifestyles changed rapidly, only in the last 10 000 years or so.

We went from eating mostly meat, fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables to a mostly grain diet since stuff like wheat became very popular and convinient ebcause it is less perishable than meat. The human remains showed that most people died due to lifestyle diseases caused by this quantum change is what we eat and how we live. Obesity also started with the agricultural age since most people were less physically active as compared to the hunter-gatherers.

paleo foods

The Innuit People

They also studied the present diet of the Innuit people of Greenland – which is mostly meat, sea food, locally sourced vegetables and fruit. They were all in great shape, very little or no chronic disease, thanks to eating real food.

In fact some Inuits’ diets are about 90% flesh and fat but they are still doing well. The documentary also looked at the science of cooking food. The conclusion was that when humans started to control fire, our brains even grew larger because of eating food that is soft and easy to digest. Evolutionarily, we just shifted that extra energy into growing a larger and more intelligent brain, fascinating stuff.

Modified Paleo

Yes the paleo diet is awesome and there is the science to prove it, evolution is still a continuing process and the rate of genetic change is reported to be higher than ever so there are a few things that I have included in my modified paleo, on top of the obvious meat, sea food, veg, fruit, nuts, seeds and spring water. These include brown rice, whole wheat (in moderation), a little alcohol, for digestion and very little processed foods once in a while in very low quantities…something like ice cream I can enjoy the small one, maybe once or twice a month, and then back to the sugarcane. I also give butter a pass because it is a natural fat and adds so much flavor.