Don’t just eat healthy in January, make it part of your lifestyle. It is very easy. Here are a few pointers that I keep proselytizing every day.

1. Dark Leafy Green Vegetables.

Most people just don’t eat these greens, despite the fact that you mother told you and the evidence of how vital these nutrient-dense vegetables are. Ever since I started eating, at least, two servings of sukuma (kale) and terere (amaranth leaves), I have never felt better in my life. I am always energetic and feeling great. I don’t even get the sniffles. I have not seen a doctor in over 7 years. The veggies boost your immune system which is the best defense against disease.


2. Water.

Drink about 2 litres a day. Starting in the morning is the best, first thing. The quality is also very important. Spring water is the best, then filtered rain water but you can just filter regular tap water. Nowadays there are great filters in the market for about Ksh 9000, which is cheap compared to what hospitals charge.
I started drinking a lot of water when I read that it helps prevent headaches. I honestly don’t get headaches *sips spring water*.

3. Bone Broth

Every culture in the world has been using this panacea for ages. It is indeed a cure for all and the best is from kienyeji chicken (free range). Heirloom chickens are the best, you know those that have very many different patterns on their feathers. Genetic diversity is key and I hear the best are from Ukambani. You don’t even have to do too much, just garlic, ginger, chili, onion, tomato, dania, sea salt, black pepper, tandoori spice (amazing with chicken), water and 45 minutes. The longer the better.
You can also get cheap bones from the butcher and drink this stuff every day, it is amazing and simple.


Hehe you saw this coming. It is is grown organically and is rich in nutrients. It helps me sleep better and work out better because it boosts my energy. Sugarcane juice also helps with making my teeth stronger and whiter so it is bae. You can also get fresh sugarcane juice nowadays in very many places in the city, even bust station niliona base. They mix it with ginger and lemon which makes a great drink that is so healthy and delicious.

5. Exercise

The best way to start the day after drinking water and having a few bites of sugarcane. Walking is very efficient and free. Jogging can also work for you, gym, yoga and also doing your chores. It is therapeutic too and you save money. I really sweat it out when cleaning my home, one of the best work-outs even, then a cold shower to make me feel even better.