Recently I have been trying many types of liquor and liqueur in the quest of finding the perfect healthy cocktail and gin was quite appealing at first, due to the natural ingredients used to flavour the drink. But when I tried my favorite cocktail  using Kenya Cane, a cane spirit, I have never bought anything else. BTW, this is not a sponsored post, I have not been paid to write about this (I wish haha), I just love the stuff.



It is smooth, light and does not have that much of a hangover because it is made with sugarcane juice, which is one of my favorite superfoods.

KC is very versatile. I use it in almost any cocktail, even a martini and it is better than gin, by far. A mixologist told me that KC is used in most of the hotel and restaurants’ cocktails…it just makes perfect sense.

Many Kenyans now drink whiskey and I hate it. And I dislike using strong words like hate but nothing else can describe my feeling towards whiskey. It is too strong and the flavour just messes up my cocktails. Even the finest single malt whiskey is not even half as good as KC. It is made from grains and so it is not that healthy. Especially for a paleo-minded individual. Grains suck, so does alcohol from grains.


People usually associate high prices with good alcohol but that is just not the case. So, if they hear that Kenya Cane is Ksh 600 per 750 ml bottle, they think it is ‘cheap’. I think it is reasonably priced because it is made with a locally available product. Most of the whiskey in the market is imported and you know imported goods attract a lot of taxes making them almost double the original price. So, you are not really paying for quality, you are just paying taxes!!

Make sure to get all alcohol from big supermarkets or good trustworthy liquor stores. You know how 2nd generation and imitations are a huge problem in Kenya. Buy Kenyan and promote Kenyan businesses. There is really no good reason to export that money to Scotland for grain alcohol yet we have a brilliant and healthier product that is essentially gluten-free. Whiskey is with gluten. Gluten is pro potbelly. Think about that.

Maybe tequila, but it is so damn expensive and if it is not written 100% agave, it is blended with cheaper grain alcohol. Actually, I have never seen 100% agave tequila in the market…only a few high-end liquor stores can afford to stock it.

Rum is nice, but guess what rum is made of?? Sugarcane and sugarcane byproducts, so KC is technically a light rum.