First of all, what is paleo? It is simply trying to eat and live according to your genes. Modern science has proven that when we started eating meat after we discovered ways to control fire and make weapons, that is when we actually evolved into being humans. This is roughly during the paleolithic era which shaped our genes into hunter-gatherers. This means we only ate, for over 2 million years, largely meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and we were physically active almost all day long. We made a lot of broth because it was a great way to preserve the meat from a hunt and also you can feed more people with a stew than with simply grilled meat.

We also spent a long time outdoors in the sunshine but this changed just 10 000 years ago when we settled and started eating a lot of grains like wheat, which is about 65% of our diets.


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My Paleo Foods


Paleo Critics

Lately, paleo has gotten some criticism due to a study that was done on mice. In a nutshell, they fed the mice a low carb high fat diet and they gained some weight. They never specified what exactly they fed the mice and I doubt it was grass-fed free range Maasai goat with tradition vegetables like terere (amaranth leaves).

I don’t think they cooked the food in organic extra virgin coconut oil nor did they give the mice some broth from organic vegetables and bones from wild caught fish.

It’s not like they fed the mice with fresh organic sugarcane or avocado and chia seeds. Nope, do mice like walnuts and sweet potatoes.

You see where I am going with these…the study on mice just does not make sense.

Paleo works for me, I avoid grains, legumes and processed foods. I eat fresh real natural foods that taste great and, make me feel amazing all the time, I never get sick, I don’t even sneeze hahaha.

Plant-based, Mostly Raw

That said, it does not mean paleo works for everyone, some people prefer a plant-based diet which is okay if it works for them but one thing that great diets have in common is consumption of real unprocessed foods, mostly plants. We are talking dark leafy green and nutrient-dense veggies like kale (sukuma wiki), amaranth leaves (terere).

Consumption of raw foods is also vital for great health and avoiding diseases. Fruits, nuts, seeds (chia and sesame seeds are great and easily available).