Brace yourselves.
The green avocado season is on. Here is the first pick of the season that I picked myself from a very old avocado tree.
They do need like 10 days to ripen become perfect but the flavour is out of this world.
These are the only true avocados (a.k.a Fuerte avocados), the big black ones just don’t taste good. Maybe the small black ones which are known as Hass avocados which are mostly for export because they can travel a lot without bruising.



Eating foods that are in season ensures you enjoy the best flavour as well as prices. These will probably retail at Ksh 20, 10 if you are lucky.

Avocados are rich in protein and good heart-healthy fats that also make you feel full for longer hence a great fruit to put in your weight management plan.

Add it to your food, smoothies, sandwiches, salads and guacamole. You can even put a little Himalayan salt and enjoy or without the salt, still tastes great and consuming raw avocados ensures you get all the amazing nutrients and enzymes in-tact.