Someone just told me that to be healthy he needs to make a lot of money first because most people think this way which is just not the case, especially when you are in Kenya, in developed countries – that is another story. In fact, I just had some soup for Ksh 10 before talking to this guy which gave me a great boost of energy after a very tiring day. I gave him that example which he obviously found another excuse for.

The best veggies are like Ksh 5 per bunch and they are healthy and taste good…kanzira, sukuma, terere, pumpkin leaves, managu, mrenda << all superfoods that are mostly harvested from the wild and/or grown without chemicals.¬†

healthy fish coconut curry
Omena-Coconut Curry

Eat that with brown or yellow ugali or brown rice. Now when it comes to good protein, omena is the cheapest but healthy protein you can get in the market. it is wild fish meaning the fish have been eating the healthy natural diet they are used to. Boil it for like 20 minutes with garlic, ginger, tomato, salt, spices then fry it up or make a stew or a coconut curry. Very healthy stuff, and delicious.

Kienyeji chicken is another great source of high-quality protein and the bones go a long way in terms of making soup that you should drink every day for perfect health. Lamb, goat, lean cuts of beef and pork also make a good occasional protein.

Plant Protein

Chia seeds and avocados are also amazing ways to get plant-based protein and if you can tolerate beans, lentils and other legumes, these are even cheaper sources of protein….but you have to combine them with a whole grain to get all essential amino acids and this makes paleo even more appealing

You really don’t need a lot of carbs especially if you eat high-quality protein with loads of dark leafy green veggies. If you have to, then some white sweet potatoes are a good source of veggie-based carbs as well as arrowroot and pumpkin or butternut squash.

It’s all about attitude.