Breakfast in indeed the most important meal of the day because you need to fuel up for the day-to-day activities of work and school. This breakfast recipe is great because you can pack it up and have it in the office or wherever you may be. Kienyeji eggs are always the better option but good quality regular eggs will also work.


Kienyeji egg & guacamole sandwich with chia sprouts


I eat two of these sandwiches and I skip lunch because the dish is very filling and satisfying.

  • The ginger tea is easy, simply simmering freshly crushed ginger for about 15SAM_5607 minutes, adding some fresh lemon juice (1 small lemon/lime per big cup). Sweeten with a little honey or sugar or agave syrup or maple syrup.
  • You just need to boil the eggs for about 13 minutes, cool them in cold water so that they are easy to peel and cut them up, add sea salt and a little black pepper
  • To make guacamole you need about 2 tablespoons each of finely chopped tomatoes, onion, dania/cilantro and avocado. If you like it spicy add a little finely chopped fresh chili pepper. A little squeeze of fresh lime juice then you work it with your mortar and pestle to make a paste << this also helps the flavors mingle.
  • Get brown bread from supermarket bakeries who have really fresh bread and they put extra bran (the nutritious part of a wheat berry) in their brown bread.
  • To sprout the chia seeds you simply need to put hem in a small contain with soil and manure then you water daily.

    Chia Seed Sprouts