Your stomach is just about the size of a clenched fist. It is really some warped logic, trying to fill that small organ with a gigantic plate of food, much less without fibrous veggies to aid in the digestion.
This is where pot bellies start from, eating too much that your stomach cannot handle and so the body just converts it into fat and stores it close by, hence kitambi.


The problem goes on further to your immune system, which most of it is located in the gut and that is why the Greek father of medicine, Hippocrates said, ‘disease begins in the gut’.
If your gut is overcrowded, your small intestines will not be effective in absorbing the nutrients that you need to be healthy and you end up nutrient-deficient. Basic biology.

You really do not need to eat much to survive, in fact, during our long evolutionary history, food have always been scarce and for generations, our species have adapted to eating less. Right now food has never been so abundant and it might actually be our Achilles heel. Just remember, less is more.