What is meditation? Meditation does have many definitions but the most popular one is focussing on your breath and being in the moment.
Meditation is not thinking about anything. Thinking is an involuntary activity, kinda like a heartbeat…you can’t stop your heartbeat by focussing on it, same as your thought processes.
Meditation is not a religious activity, you can meditate and still do your thing. Meditation is not prayer. Yes, some other culture tie yoga (a type of meditation) with their own religious activities but the modern version of meditation has nothing to do with deities. Just about the breath and peace of mind.
Many CEOs, celebrities, and business leaders are known to meditate. From Kobe Bryant to Oprah to the late Steve Jobs. Even people at Google, are meditating.
Personally, I loooove meditation because it helps me to manage stress, it makes me calm, even happier and most importantly, it helps me sleep so well which then subsequently leads to me having a great day.
The most basic way to meditate is to sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep and slow breaths while trying to think about the breath. Your mind will drift away, and you will start thinking about that fine lass you saw in the morning. It’s okay, you simply start again, that is the game. You also have to be okay with the fact that your mind will drift, do not feel disappointed. Just breath.