When I moved to the university hostel where I had to cook for myself, I realised one big difference in how people ate “in uptown” vis-à-vis Eastlando or peeps from up country.
Basically, people from high income families generally ate a lot of meat, processed meats (sausages, bacon, ham, salami, brawn), a lot of refined carbs (white rice, white pasta, white ugali) and almost no vegetables nor fruit.


This is a very bad misconception that we have …that when you have more money, you eat more ‘tasty’ and expensive food. When you are struggling, you ‘settle’ for the veggies, beans, and githeri.
Even Khaligraph was rapping about how when he was broke, he use to eat mchicha/terere/amaranth greens but now he is drinking more soda, in fact, 1 litre…according to the rhymes. Worst mistake ever.

To be healthy, you have to change this way of thinking. That guy eating madondo, chapo, sukuma, avocado is better off that that guy taking pizza and soda. The “poor” dude will be healthier, have less weight (I remember the pizza-loving ladies and gents were so overweight, almost obese) and better skin that the “well off” ninja over-indulging on choma sausages and white bread for breakfast.