Oil pulling is the age-old technique of swishing a healthy oil in between your teeth primarily for oral health but studies suggest that it goes beyond the mouth but today we will focus on teeth.

I stopped using commercial toothpaste about 5 years ago because I have a filling on one side which made it impossible to chew on. I started using virgin coconut oil and my teeth have never been healthier, stronger and whiter. I can chew on all sides. Eating sugarcane daily also helps with strong teeth, as long as you pull at night and brush them with a mixture of water, fresh lemon/lime juice and Himalayan salt (optional).

It is also great for sensitive teeth and toothaches. Amazing oil this is. You can get extra virgin coconut oil in most supermarkets in the cooking oil section. All health stores also have it. Not that it is not the same coconut oil in the cosmetics section. Those are highly processed and not edible.

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