Kalekye Mumo’s Weight-loss Food

Kalekye Mumo’s weight loss has caught many people’s attention and I got to see her on a cooking show where I learned how she actually did it. Or at least I got a good idea. I did not get the vibe of a short cut diet, no expensive supplements, no detoxing, no extreme juicing, it is more about a lifestyle change and a paradigm shift in how you look at food.
First of all, she was insisting on the veggies (in fact, she kinda wanted a tomato and zucchini salad but the Chef ended up cooking the veg, smh) and portion control such that she even weighed the food she was eating.
Secondly, she is kinda doing a ‪‎Paleo‬ thing…clean animal protein and lotsa veggies.
They made fish and vegetables and an egg omelette with veggies and a very small portion of a rice cake. Awesome.


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