Cane has slowly risen up my superfood rankings to a clear number 1. Simply because it is locally available, mostly organic (you will never see people spray sugarcane), nutrient-dense, nutrient diverse and it is so delicious.

I used to eat a lot of sugarcane when growing up but it was more of a fun thing, now it is key to my health and well-being. Ever since I started consuming this superfood on a daily basis, I have never caught a cold. For me, that means that my immune system is near-perfect, only that I got a runny nose a while ago because I was not eating enough of it thanks to the el Nino floods. Now I know, making me consume even more sugarcane than ever. Everyday.

You can also get freshly made cane juice from many places in the city right no. They even mix it with fresh ginger and lemon/lime juce. Amazing drink but nothing beats chewing on fresh sugarcane.

sugar cane.jpg