Almost everyday I see someone complaining that the portions that I serve myself are so small, ati hawezi shiba. It’s not by accident that I choose to eat less food, it is part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle.

Number 1, you have to know the fact that your stomach is not basin like those used to bath little babies. It is almost the size of a small clinched fist hence it needs not to be overloaded with food, even if it is healthy food.

Digestion takes about 3/4 of your energy and the more food you overload the stomach, the less energetic you will be. You will not sleep well and also have a bad subsequent morning.


Secondly, the type of food you put in your belly is really important. Fiber-rich foods like veggies, fruits, brown rice, mukimo, yellow or brown ugali, brown chapati, seeds and nuts help to make you feel full as they slow down digestion. They are also rich in nutrition and that tells your brain that you are well nourished so it won’t send hunger signals which is exactly what happens when you eat highly processed foods that lack fiber. Things like white rice, spaghetti, white potatoes, white chapati have very little fibre and nutrients so you keep feeling hungry all the time and cannot control your portions.

Good quality protein like omena, kienyeji chicken and eggs, grass-fed beef, Maasai goat, even good quality grade chicken and meats can help to make you feel full.

Third, but equally important as the first to is to eat mindfully. Switch off that TV/Music/chat. Concentrate on your food, maybe you can play some jazz or slow music, go outside and eat on the balcony like I do. Chew slower, think about the food, the tastes, aromas, textures. Enjoy the food, you will eat slower and you will feel full after eating small portions.