Before I started my healthy journey, I struggled with sleep. Waking up at weird times of the night and just not getting enough good sleep.
Today, I sleep like a log. It then makes my mornings even better, energetic and joyful. Monday blues apan tambua. It took me some time to hack but I have the perfect formula.

1. Food

Food affects everything that goes on in your body. Eat poorly, sleep poorly. I remember eating even queen cakes with milk at night and having the worst nights ever. Then I switched to sugarcane for “dessert” because we all like sweet stuff after food.
I also embraced more dark leafy green veggies which I eat at least 2 servings every day, as the science says you should in order to be healthy.
Broth is another invaluable “sleeping aid”. Especially kienyeji chicken broth which also helps to boost your immune system and many more other side benefits. 🙂
It is easy to make because you just boil the bones together with aromatics like crushed garlic & ginger, dania, onions, hoho, hot chili peppers, tomato, sea salt, black pepper and curry powder or chicken masala spices. You can then re-use the bones over and over again, just keep renewing the aromatics. I use the bones for about 2 weeks to even a month.
Avoiding processed foods is important too. If it does not come from mama mboga, a good butchery or good meat purveyors (like the ones who sell live kienyeji chicken or people who sell wild-caught fish), then it is probably not good for you.

2. Exercise

I also enjoyed better sleep after I spread out my workouts more evenly throughout the day. I brisk walk (walk fast) twice a day. I use to run but after tearing my Achilles tendon, I reverted to what is most natural way of movement. In most of our evolutionary history, we have been walking a lot, maybe running a little which chasing a walking bird for dinner, but most of the millions of years as hominids, we have been walking a lot. This is why people get so many injuries if they are runners. I have never been injured ever since I took up brisk-walking. I digress immensely.
Anyway, the point is that it is better to be active throughout the day which most definitely improved my sleep patterns.
Yoga is another amazing and quintessential sleeping aid which I do just before sleeping. I start with a 1-minute meditation, then a few poses which also have some aspects of Tai Chi, which is another very healthy and relaxing ancient practice from the long-living Asians.