The best way to enjoy steak is to get dry-aged or age it in your fridge. You can set up a rack so that the meat hangs and just let time and the enzymes do the rest of the work for you. At least 7 days, but ideally, 21 days. Aged steaks are so full of flavour and they are so tender, you can even cook them well-done and they still will not be tough.

Another key step is the seasoning. I add sea salt and chili powder then I get the steak back to the fridge for another 2 days. I know, it sounds like a lifetime but patience pays.

I like to pair steak with ugali and veggies, preferably raw so that they counter the inherent richness of the meat.

  • To make ugali more exciting, add a little sea salt to the water and a little unsalted butter. Thank me later.
  • The salad is basically a kachumbari with finely chopped red onion, tomato, dania/cilantro, chili pepper, zucchini/courgette, a little lemon/lime juice and sea salt. Again, simplicity is key.
  • To cook the steak, just cut into such kinds of shapes so that it cooks faster and you get more browning. Heat pan with coconut oil, brown for about 4 minutes per side and that’s it. You don’t need to do much. The ageing process and seasoning have already covered flavour for you.