I was not always the health fanatic. I had my fair share of junk food and soda that compromised my health and well-being. I used to get colds all the time as well as malaria too. Lo and behold, I am now super healthy and I basically never get sick. I have not been in a doctor’s office in over 8 years and I don’t get headaches and I don’t even have bad days.

Today, I will share with you the things that I do to keep healthy and happy.

      1. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

This is number one for a very good reason. Veggies have disease-preventing and disease-fighting nutrients and phytochemicals. I eat dark greens at least twice in a day but ideally thrice. I even ferment my vegetables for extra probiotics which have been shown to boost immunity against disease. They are delicious, low in calories and inexpensive. You can put them in a smoothie or simply saute them with a little bit of red onion. Tasty and super healthy.


      2. Water

One of the first health tips I learned as a teenager was about drinking water, 2 litres a day. I remember the magazine article claimed that dehydration is the cause of most headaches so I started imbibing on my 2 litres on a daily basis. Bam, no headaches and on top of that, my skin improved (I had some pimples but now it is all smooth). Actually, my last headache was on the eve of 2012 where someone forced me to consume an energy drink. They are loaded with sugar and chemicals that you can’t pronounce and since then, I cannot touch an energy drink with a barge pole.


       3. Exercise, Yoga & Meditation

You simply cannot be healthy by sitting there all day. You have to move that body, increase the heart rate for a while and stretch those limbs. Not only does a great workout help me in being more productive in my work, it boosts my brain capacity, helps me be in shape and it also improves my immune system.

I then stretch my body and mind using yoga which is another practice proven by modern science to be extremely beneficial to the human body and mind.

Meditation helps me relax and clear my mind, among other benefits of meditation. It helps to deal with stress and it also helps one to relax after a long day’s work.