The other day, a some friends were asking about my age and when I told them I am 28 and 1/2 years old they almost did not believe me claiming that I look younger. My neighbors still think I am a college kid and here is what makes me look young.


Research has proven beyond reasonable doubt, that exercise does reverse/slow down the ageing process. This is pretty obvious as you look at old athletes, they never seem their age. I walk for about 40 minutes in the morning, and 1 hour in the evening. I also do a lot of dancing, Zumba and yoga which all help in making me look and feel young.


Equally important to a good workout routing is what you eat and drink. I eat as much avocados as I can get, especially when in season. Avocados have good healthy fats that just make the skin look good and young.

I take a lot of ginger tea as well as cook with it. Great to prevent and treat colds to.  You know garlic goes with ginger, in a tea for colds and when cooking. 600035_381835455204110_1440551089_n.jpg

Fresh vegetables also contain a lot of antioxidants which basically repair old damaged cells so to stay young, you have to eat at least 2 servings of vegetables per day. They are so easy to cook, just heat a pan, add coconut oil (another anti-aging food), chopped onions, brown for about a minute, add the chopped veg, sea salt, black pepper and ‘stir-fry’ for about 90 seconds.

Water is quintessential to the anti-aging plight. You need about 2 litres a day. Spring water is the best choice. Next best option is filtered or boiled rain water but just any water you can get, as long as it is clean, you are good to go.

Fresh fruits like berries, watermelons, lemons are also amazing as they are also very rich in antioxidants.

I don’t like soy beans because a lot of them are genetically modified but if you can get organic or a non-gmo soy, rock on. My favorite beans are mung beans (ndengu/green grams), black beans (njahi) and now my new favorite discovery is bean broth, that I make using nyayo beans. The broth is so filling and loaded with nutrition.

I also seldom consume nuts. Okay, I like peanuts but technically, they are not nuts, rather, they are legumes. When in season, I take a few macadamia nuts, almonds and maybe some Brazil nuts once in a while.

Seeds are my thing, especially chia seeds. They are loaded with omega fats that keep you young and healthy. The seeds are very nutrient dense and they bulk up a smoothie with good quality protein that will help you keep full for hours on end. Sesame seeds are also awesome, as well as pumpkin seeds and sunflower seed.

Avoid soda, deep fried foods (okay, once in a while is not bad but not everyday). Keep off sugar and processed foods like white rice and anything that comes in a packet. Eat fresh, eat local, stay young, stay healthy.

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