Growing up, I used to think that getting sick often is a normal part of life. I was occasionally I’ll with malaria, colds, headaches. Then I learned about this mantra of prevention being better than cure. You are what you eat and drink.
I vividly remember reading somewhere that drinking plenty of water can help to prevent headaches. I started downing about 2 litres a day. The headaches stopped.
I wanted to learn more. I decreased my intake of junk food and started eating more fresh fruit, vegetables, beans and whole grain like brown rice. My health kept on improving every day. I started to sleep better. My skin improved after I started taking freshly extracted veg and fruit juices. I couldn’t stop. I did not know food and drink can make you feel great or prevent diseases. I became hooked.

chia seeds and sugarcane superfoods
I exercised more and relaxed more using meditation and yoga. They help me with many things but I think stress and anger are the most important. Those two practices help me very much to keep calm and happy. Even when there is not power like now 🙂.
Then I discovered two amazing superfoods: chia seeds and sugarcane, which I consume both almost every day. I never get sick. No colds, no headaches. I eat two servings of fresh leafy greens every day and many of the times the greens are raw in a smoothie or salad. Prevention indeed is so much better than cure.
Try to have a salad and/or a smoothie in the midst of eating that nyama choma this festive season. You won’t regret it.