No need to mention, hakuna pesa, haha. Fees, rent, internet and all that money we blew up over the holiday means that cash can be tight for some of us. Here are some tips to save you money.
1. Buy in bulk, cook in bulk, to the extent that is reasonable
There are always economies of scale to be made when you buy in bulk and store. Cooking in bulk and keeping food in the fridge can save you a lot. Just make sure it is something well cooked and flavourful so that it will still be delicious over the days.
I make beans or githeri in huge quantities then eat slowly over 3-5 days. If it gets too old, you can re-fry with onions, tomato, dania and garlic.1208199_803863336355733_2082514_n

2. Know where to get great deals in your locale. Most of the time, the mama mbogas have cheaper and better produce than the fancy and expensive retailers or grocery stores.

3. Avoid waste

Always take stock of what you have in the house before leaving. You can find yourself buying things that you already have or you may forget to eat that pumpkin sitting in the back of your fridge. Use every thing, for example, use the sticks from sukuma wiki to make your stock, they are flavourful and nutritious.

4. Load up on veggies.
Fruits and veggies have fiber that lacks in meat and processed carbs like white rice or pasta. Fiber keeps you full so you don’t overeat. Meaning that snack you could have bought is now money saved or used elsewhere.