I could never touch regular commercial toothpaste with a ten foot barge pole. Even the most herbal organic brands have chemicals/ingredients that I do not understand so I eschew from them. Pardon the pun.

Extra virgin coconut oil, natural himalayan salt, fresh lemon
Anyway, I have a filling on my tooth, thanks to eating all that sweet stuff as a kid. There was a time I could not even chew anything with that side. I decided to do some research and learned about the natural ways of cleaning and maintaining healthy teeth.
I learned about the benefits of oil pulling (swishing oil between your teeth for a few minutes). I also started using Himalayan natural salt plus a few tiny drops of lemon juice (once per week with lemon, it can be corrosive) plus water. My tooth became stronger now I can even chew the toughest sugarcane on the same tooth that has a filling and was painful years ago.
Needless to say, I have never used anything else apart from these three ingredients.
My teeth are whiter, stronger and healthier. As adults, we only have one set of these precious things. Take good care of them.
Plus, I hear root canals are not the most fun of activities to associate yourself with haha.
Pull oil once a day and brush with Natural Himalayan salt water, twice a day. Thank me later, when you can still eat sugarcane and nyama choma at age 90 🙂