The boiled egg diet is the new fad diet that has some merits but after looking at many variations, I decided to make my own diet that I can test myself and advise clients on a healthier way to stay in shape, lose weight, improve sleep and save money while at it.


The fat-phobia of the 90s pushed aside, eggs are one of the healthiest superfoods you can get your hands on. Especially real kienyeji eggs but even conventionally-rased eggs are nutritious and full of life.

My version of the diet is tasty, healthier and easier to adapt because it is not too strict but will still help you feel great, lose weight and keep healthy.  Eggs are so filling and yummy, I looove this diet.

  • It’s simple, just one boiled egg or fried in coconut oil on very low heat, guacamole or kachumbari plus some sauerkraut and a sauce that I make by mixing ketchup and store-bought jarred kachumbari. You can also use a nice chili sauce. Spicy sauces also deter you from eating a lot.
  • For the chapati, I use chapati afya flour and soaked chia seeds. Chia just makes the chapo healthier and more filling.
  • I make different salads for my wraps, sometimes an arugula salad or a simple kachumbari. It is so much easier to consume more raw foods this way
  • I wash the wrap down with fresh ginger tea, hot or cold.

I have never slept better in my life and who would have thought that it was because of having breakfast for dinner.

I can make a customized meal plan for you based on this diet, your tastes, and preferences, for Ksh 700 only. Call or text 0727984442 or email