The French have a saying that translates to, ”Everything in moderation, including moderation.”
Disclaimer; If you are diabetic or suffer from any chronic disease and you have been advised to avoid sugar, then please do avoid it. This is for just people who might want to eat and drink healthier but finding the sugar issue a headache.

In moderation, sugar, especially brown is not the worst thing. I repeat, in moderation. Not downing one full flask of uji or tea with sugar. I mean with something healthy like fresh ginger tea which just does not taste great when sweetened with other stuff. And, without the sweetening, it is very bitter and too spicy to consume.
It is also important to consume the sugar-sweetened drink with something healthy, like brown chapati and kienyeji egg & veggie omelet.
I bake some chia seed cookies with brown sugar because of flavor and texture. Sugar makes them so crunchy. Yum.

I love these Ennsvalley multigrain muffins which are sweetened with sugar but have healthy things like sesame seeds, flaxseeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, oats and wholemeal flour. Buying these items individually would be so expensive and then you will not be consuming them as fresh as possible.
Cane sugar, is made from sugarcane which is my favorite superfood that keeps me healthy, improves my sleep and helps me feel awesome all the time. Yes, it is processed but it is not the worst thing you can consume, of course, in moderation.