Obesity is on the rise in Kenya as well as the associated health problems (like diabetes and cardiovascular disease). This is mostly in the urban areas, where there is an ocean of transformer-fat-fried foods inviting you from every corner.
I love street (junk) food as much as the next guy but we have to eat less of it and more of the good stuff to maintain a healthy weight. Here are a few tips that you can use to lose weight. 20170404_165954[1]
1. Drink a lot of water. Water makes you feel full and keeps cravings away. Buy a water bottle and sip throughout the day,
2. Consume more sugarcane. It is nutrient-dense, keeps you full and also controls those cravings. It is always farmed organically so no worry of chemicals. Most fruits are basically marinated in toxic chemicals (pesticides, weedicides, fungicides, I call it suicide, or genocide) it is insane.
3. Eat more vegetables. Learn how to cook them. With a little healthy oil like extra virgin coconut or olive oil, salt and black pepper. Simply fried or learn to make salads (I have both techniques covered in my cookbook that is only Ksh 300)
4. Exercise
Walking, dancing, zumba, pilates, yoga, gym, aerobics, whatever helps you burn a sweat. Do it. Often. Exercise not only helps you burn calories and fat, it also helps to keep those food cravings down.
Control your cravings,
Control your weight!