Brown ugali is delicious and it does not have to be intimidating. The best way to hack it is to mix some whole maize (kisiagi), 2/3, with a little bit of brown flour, 1/3. I like finger millet (wimbi).

  • You have to season with salt, add a little bit of sunflower oil or butter, then cook it really slow on low heat, about 45 minutes for a small portion and 1 about 1 hour for a large one. 
  • I never measure when cooking ugali or almost anything,  I use my eyes, hands, and gut-feeling. It is always better than when I measure everything with my digital scale. 
  • I would say about 1 tablespoon of salt, for ugali for 3 servings, a heaped tablespoon of butter, about 3 cups of the mixed flour and 2.5 cups of water, adding a little as you go, depending on your preference.

Brown ugali is really worth trying it and it also keeps you very full so you eat less and save more in the long term.