You know the deal, I used my beloved Somali goat. It has so much flavor, the soup was ready after about 10 minutes of cooking which is great because I did not want to overcook the vegetables.

1. Heat sufuria, add virgin coconut oil, add sea salt and a little freshly ground black pepper to the meat pieces. You can do this 2 days before cooking, it will be 20 times tastier. It’s called curing, it is why bacon tastes so much better than fresh pork.

2. Without overcrowding, sear the meat, 4 minutes per side, do in batches if necessary. If you overcrowd the pan, the meat will steam, not sear.

3. Set the seared meat aside, add the crushed local garlic (local has more flavour and it is not too strong), chopped tomato, dania stalks, onion, chili pepper, potatoes (optional as they are still expensive but I got some very good quality ones yesterday and I just had to buy because they were super fresh).

4. Add water, the meat, add sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, make sure to undercut the seasoning becuase it gets saltier as it cooks, taste, adjust.

5. Cover and simmer for about 10 minutes. If you can’t get great goat, you might have to cook it for 1 hour to make it softer. You see why I insist on quality all the time?

6. Turn off the heat, add chopped dania leaves now, let it rest for about 5 minutes and serve with vegetables.