I shared images of these bananas I bought on Facebook and ma few people were saying that they are overripe and ugly. Little do they know that we farm bananas by the acre and I know them pretty well.

The ones with the dark spots have more antioxidants and most importantly, more flavour. Actually these are the only bananas that I have bought which come close to what we grow organically and we even let them ripe naturally, without the ‘catalysts’.
For the most part, those odd-looking ingredients are usually better than the pretty ones. Like avocados, you want the one with many dark spots. That means it was picked at its peak. Imekomaa. Being squeamish about looks is one of the reasons many people waste food. So many tonnes of perfect food goes into the dumpsters because of this. This then leads to shortages and higher prices.

Bear this in mind when you go for some shopping next time.