There was a viral post on social media about a gas accident and I suspect it was from these shoddy dealers who sell counterfeit gas as well as counterfeit gas cylinders. That is why I always buy my gas from a trusted petrol station but I would not be surprised to hear that some are also selling fakes which are very dangerous and also cost you a lot of money.


The main culprits are, sadly, some of the small dealers but not all of them are corrupt. Some even charge too much depending on where you live or how well you are dressed. I just got this for Ksh 950 and I saw an average price of Ksh 1300 on a Facebook post, for the same 6 Kg meko.

By the way, this meko is the most efficient gas cooker and I still use it even after buying a bigger one which I totally regret, but you live and you learn. It is portable, cheap, it can burn very hot hence cook faster plus, it is very ergonomically correct, such that the pan/sufuria is very stable because of the ”three-stone” set up. In those fancy gas cookers, the sufuria/pan can easily fall posing a great danger. Meko is very much more stable.