If you follow my Facebook profile, you will know by now that I can’t stop talking about this breed called Somali goat. Here are my reasons. SAM_7593

  1. It is usually raised in the free-range or with nomads and they are fed with pasture and not grain-based feed like the grade ones.
  2. The meat is delicious because of the natural diet and lifestyle that the goats have.
  3. The meat is also tender and juice. This will save you time and fuels especially if you like making goat soup like me.
  4. Somali goat is very affordable. In Halal butcheries, it ranges about Ksh 450 a Kg to 550. In big meat markets like Kiamaiko, City Market, or Dagoretti market, it is way cheaper.
  5. The residual fat is amazing if you melt it by rendering it or boiling and letting it cool. You can mix with other fats/oils and use to cook, saving you money.