I love this fish. Yes, it is frozen, but the flavour is still great and the freshness from Carrefour is unbelievable. I was worried but after defrosting the fillet, it smelled just like the sea. That means it was frozen at sea, not even ashore. I think I bought a piece for Ksh 250 and it was two servings like this.

The secret is to pan-sear, skin side down, for 90% of the cooking time to get the skin really crispy and yummy. You have to use a nonstick pan. I use my chapati pan, which I seasoned just before cooking the fish.

How To Season A Pan

Seasoning a pan is essentially cooking a layer of oil, onto the pan so it becomes nonstick.

Simple place the pan over medium-low heat, add oil, spread it out, let it ”cook” onto the pan, about 12 minutes. Spreading the oil every 2 minutes.

You will have so much freedom in cooking the fish and your confidence will increase when you use the right tools.