Another amazing fish from Carrefour. Wild trout. It is imported, so the price is a little steep, but, very worth it. It is so delicious and luxurious. This is the kind of fish that you eat whole so grilling, or deep-frying are ideal ways to cook it.

Simply season fish with sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and lemon zest. Even if you are not cooking it immediately, make sure to season and freeze, not refrigerate.

  • Deep-fry on medium heat, sunflower oil is nicer. About 5-6 minutes. You do not want to overcook a Ksh 622 fish. Cut the biggest part to confirm if it is cooked. If underdone, finish in high heat to avoid greasiness.
  • The salad is lettuce, carrots, flax seeds sprouts (sow flax seeds and water daily), cherry tomato, fennel bulb, fennel fronds and celery root fries.
  • The dressing is kefir milk (you can use yogurt), honey, lemon juice. You want it sweet n sour.