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Fast & Easy Fries Recipe

Fries are not the healthiest things to eat but if cooked right, and consumed in moderation, they are not as bad as we think. I fry mine in sunflower oil. You can use unrefined peanut oil too.

Leaving the skin on makes them a little healthier because that’s where the fibre and antioxidants are.

Make sure to get great potatoes that are fresh. The harder the spud, the fresher it is.

  1. Clean and cut the potatoes into fries shape, rinse in cold water to release the starches. This helps to make the fries crunchier.
  2. Boil them for about 4-5 minutes, you want them cooked halfway, not fully cooked. This also makes them very crunchy. Cool them for about 10 minutes
  3. Fry hard on high heat, for about 5 more minutes, feel them with a cooking utensil….when they feel crunchy, they are ready.
  4. Add the salt now. They taste great as is, no need for sauce or ketchup. Delish.

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