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Anthony Kahonge Mwangi is a self-taught chef consults with clients on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.
He also offer private or group cooking classes, demonstrations and fora at households, food events, Universities and basically anywhere people have hunger for information on eating as well as living healthier.
Inspired by mother’s love for healthy living, he is now passionate in helping other live happier healthier lives.
He is also an award-winning blogger who constantly engages his online
community on healthy eating and lifestyle.


28 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks Anthony for an excellent blog that not only pays attention to making great food but making HEALTHY great food! Like many folks I have previously focused on the flavours alone rather than the nutritional content in the food. I have now become keen on “healthifying” my food as much as possible and believe what one eats really influences one’s health and wellbeing in the short and long term. I appreciate your simple and useful tips that anyone can easily apply.
    So glad you won the awards….congratulations!!!!

  2. My life has been one huge experiment. Bad fod, alchohol, sugar and cigarettes and their effects (a story for another day) have forced me to eat right. I’m glad I chanced upon your blog. How can one communicate with you? Email?

  3. Excellent, informative health and nutrition blog you have here Anthony. Africa is waking up! We must keep in touch.

  4. Been looking for more people in Kenya who are into the healthy lifestyle… This blog is wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us… I’m a vegan and in this culture it’s not the easiest thing, but my health is my treasure 🙂 Looking forward to more posts from you!

  5. Thanks Anthony. The content of your blog is invaluable especially to those who value healthy eating. Would you by any chance be stocking whole (unmilled) flaxseed? I am interested in procuring some.

  6. I’m Kenyan, recently turned vegan. Was looking for a vegan mandazi recipe when I saw this website. Kahonge, just wanted to let you know that it’s so inspiring to see Kenyans taking initiative and being proactive about their health. Keep doing what you do and spread the healthy eating message. I’m studying in the UK and my sincerest hope is that Kenya never reaches the level of lifestyle diseases I’ve seen here.

      1. Awesome! I discovered you few days ago and it’s awesome to see like minded Kenyans! You’re doing a great job Kahonge.

  7. hi. I just bumped into your website , I think i was googlinfg about pot bellies in Kenya and stuff. haha. anyway, i have gone through a no. of your posts since 2011, I really like it. The information is so insightful, spiced with a great sense of humor. I am planning on being a vegan starting next year, I could have done so right now but we just bought 3 mbuzis for christmas yesterday.

    1. Hi Nimrod, thanks for reading the blog and thank you for the feedback. Good luck with your plant-based diet…eating more vegetation is always a good thing. Enjoy the goat meat as well.

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