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Healthy Food Sources

Many health conscious individuals would like to know where I get my healthy food and this page will exclusively talk about that.

Mama Mboga

  • Many people think that supermarket vegetables are of higher quality but that is not usually the case. I have eaten the tastiest kale from the roadside veg vendor and cheap too. She also stocks the best local lemons that I use for cleaning every day, as well as the freshest managu or terere.
  • Mama mboga has a simple supply chain that mostly relies of squatter-farmers who most of the time practice farming the old skool way, what we would call organic. these farmers don’t have the finances to buy sacks of fertilizer not gallons of herbicides so they just have to do it organically, with manure and inter-cropping.
  • Most important is to ask where your food comes from.

Healthy U Stores

  • Located in major malls like galleria, westgate, Tmall, the junction so things will be expensive.
  • I get my oats, flaxseeds, nuts like pistachios, walnuts, vinegar especially the organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
  • Avoid ALL SUPPLEMENTS; Vitamin C pills or a juicy local orange ya shillingi kumi? common sense people. majority of the stock in healthy U is supplements which I am strongly against because they are nutritionally imbalanced, are processed and have additives, preservatives  coloring and many other unhealthy stuff.

29 thoughts on “Healthy Food Sources

    1. Hi, Is not coconut oil the best? It will not be spoilt even at very high temperatures. I have just recently been doing load of internet research about coconut oil and all aspects of coconut. It is a superfood for sure. Both internally and externally. And most of us are using unhealthy hydrogenated veg oils to cook with. I need source good quality cold-pressed coconut oil from coast in bulk. Any ideas?

  1. Hello Kahonge,
    i am an avid health is wealth parader, and i really want to know if it is health to take protein shake….?
    personally i’m against it…
    please let me know

  2. My principle in life is anything that appears in adverts might not be as healthy (low fat yoghurt, low fat milk etc) as they make us believe,….so i stick to purely natural stuff-esp what i can get straight from the farmers without any added preservatives. @Claire, i would recommend you shy off from the shakes and opt for making your own.
    @Kahonge, I am a fitness enthusiast, I enjoy working out and eating clean so as to stay healthy and fit. It’s a good thing i have stumbled upon this site….Its quite informative.

  3. I saw a recipe that needed Cayenne pepper and nettle plus H.salt. Please let me know what quantity of pepper per glass and if it should be fresh or dried nettle.

    1. You will find flax seeds loose in any Healthy U Store. Otherwise for freshness you may want to check out ELIXIR at Village Market….they stock a lot of Natures Choice packaged products from S.Africa…including flax seeds and oil

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